Industrial Climate Control


The Bioclimatization is the option that allows enjoying the cool air in a healthy, ecological and economical way.

Our equipments are based on a natural system of temperature regulation that assures the welfare conditions of people by delivering fresh air in a particular space.

By adiabatic evaporative cooling a healthier air is obtained and natural energy is well-used. The result is a fresh, filtered air and an optimum humidity level for people good health.

Industrial evaporative coolers that we manufacture, whose energy efficiency is very high, incorporate high-quality materials and components.

Industrial air conditioning systems play a very important role in the welfare and the reduction in energy consumption.

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Evaporative air conditioners, unlike conventional air conditioning, do not release contaminant gases or cause health problems.

With our equipments the 100% of the air is renewed and it is provided a healthy level of relative humidity. In addition, all types of particles and static electricity are eliminated.

The evaporative coolers are made out of lacquered galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Unlike evaporatives made of plastic that can be found in the market, in which production plastic injection moulds must be used, the equipments that we manufacture do not have limitation of size. Considering that the air inlet surface of the evaporator pads is a very important part, we can say that only making industrial units like ours, a proper functioning, a high efficiency and durability can be reached.

The most demanding applications in which high performance is required, the CRM Evaporative cooler is the best solution.

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