Evaporative Air Cooler

The most natural system of climate control

The Evaporative system which our machines are based on, allows you to renew 100% of the air.

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Why evaporative air conditioner?

The CRM Evaporative Air Conditioners have features and benefits that make them the best air conditioning system for dry and hot climates.

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BIO 076.00012/120’75800840850
BIO 119.00015/1518401020850
BIO 1111.00015/151’58401020850
BIO 1212.00018/182103010501100
BIO 1515.00018/182127012701250
BIO 2525.00025/254160016001650
BIO 3535.00025/255’5160016001650
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Learn more about the features of the Airesano 650 model.
All the low trays and pillars are made of stainless steel.

CRM Evaporatives

The most natural system of air conditioning.

Made in Spain 

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