CRM is the reference brand in Outdoor solar showers sector.

CRM Solar shower produces hot water thanks to its solar collection and thermal conductivity to heat the water up to 60°C. The shower can be used several times throughout the day by all the users and the water is continuously renewed. Unlike other solar devices, this shower makes use of the ambient temperature as well, so that it can be used on cloudy or overcast days.

Ducha solar rectangular
Mando ducha solar

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    Swimming pool, Backyard, Attic

    One more reason to take a shower before and after swimming.

    Swimming pool

    Your shower before and after swimming also can be a pleasant time.

    A relaxing experience while we take a shower outdoors.

    It is possible if you can choose the water temperature and that is why the solar shower becomes a really useful element in outdoor spaces.

    We offer our customers the most competitive choice in the market of outdoor Solar Showers, and always with the guarantee of a fast and flexible service.

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    CRM® Solar Showers Models

    Some of the features and advantages of the CRM Solar Shower are:

    CRM® Solar Showers

    The best accessory for the swimming pool and garden

    Made in Spain 

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